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Physics shows the heavier the object to move the more energy consumption that is needed. Physics also shows that the heavier the object traveling the more effort needed to stop it, creating greater friction.

Therefore, when talking of motorcycles, the idea of weight saving can dramatically enhance the bikes handling and performance. Weight saving will translate into less energy to control, better performance, better handling, better braking and better acceleration.

GALE SPEED has finally made its presence felt. GALE SPEED is designed, forged and CNC machined in high quality to satisfy motorcycle enthusiasts who seek better performance._ By making your motorcycle life a heightened sense of being, it can now give you the satisfaction and smoothness you have always dreamt of.

All wheels sold with AFAM drive sprocket. All pricing for both front and rear wheels.

Type-S is the newest and the lightest forged aluminum wheel suitable for both race and road use. Bearings of the front wheel are directly mounted on the hub, and wider 15-spoke gives high rigidity and preciseness on corners.Type-S complies with industrial standards JWL and German TUV.front : 3.5x17, rear: 5.5x17 and 6.0x17. Type-S is available in these colors, Pearl white, Semi-Gloss black and Gold.

White, Matt-Black, Gold
High-end model Type-M has just been launched for racing enthusiasts. Identical to type-R in design, but the rim, spoke and hub were newly designed to enhance the performance, and weight saved by up to the limit. It's used by world dominant teams. It comes in front 3.5 x 17-inch and rear 6.0 x 17-inch applications to fit Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Ducati.

White, Black
Gold, Bronze, Gunmetal
A new 17 inch aluminum wheel Type-R, was born to pursue the ideal of the finest motorcycle wheel. It has been commonly found that gyroscopic action directly relates to the performance of the motorcycle. Its design, including the spoke and the hub has given the Type-R a distinct advantage by reducing its weight by 10% ( compared with Type-C). Moreover, the Type-R with its exterior style has grabbed the imagination of riders, and with this superior design and performance has remarkably increased its reach and potential for motorcycle racing.

White, Black
Gold, Bronze, Gunmetal, Polished
Born on the road in racing circuits of Japan, a JDM 17 inch aluminum wheel Type-C from ACTIVE CO. Ltd. combines a great style and strength with state-of -art racing engineering. The method of manufacturing allows for a thinner wall construction, which effectively reduces the wheels weight. Type-C combines technologies used in sport bike racing to create a stylish, aerodynamic wheel in a hot forged design that is strong enough for use on all types of roads and conditions.

White, Black
Gold, Bronze, Gunmetal, Polished
Purchase includes AFAM drive sprocket

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